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Take advantage of our live webinars, hosted by one of the leading professionals in the industry – John Williams. Having learnt from his own mistakes and successes, John will now teach you all the tips and tricks of trading through a series of exclusive weekly webinars. Not only is this a premium education that will change your life, it is also brought to you completely for free.

The List

Analyzing the market using indicators

  • Trend indicators
  • Oscillators
  • Using a mixture of Indicators
  • Risks involved in using indicators
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Live Analysis

  • Market Analysis
  • Using indicators live
  • Strategies being illustrated live
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Fundamental Analysis

  • Monetary Policy
  • Fiscal Policy
  • News trading
  • Long term trades using the news
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Understanding Market Movements

  • Looking at the last month’s price movements
  • Movement of different securities
  • Retracements in the market
  • Price movement
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MEET John Williams

John Williams is an experienced financial adviser, that worked in renowned worldwide brokerage firms. This trading psychology expert, with a 92.5% winning trades rate, can help you keep your investment goals achievable, and realistic! He skillfully masters Technical and Fundamental Analysis, knows the financial market inside out, and is an exceptional mentor. Make sure to join his webinars, for a constructive trading session.

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